Protect the future of your business by using ‘lean’ thinking

Protect the future of your business by using ‘lean’ thinking

Right now, you’re probably looking at all the ways you can save money and make quick cost reductions in your business.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking lean – to take a good look at your business operations and apply some lean management to get some quick wins.

When you introduce your team to a lean way of thinking you will begin to eliminate the most obvious sources of waste from your business - resulting in changes to your efficiency and costs.

Removing waste from their manufacturing processes gave Toyota a competitive edge and helped them to become one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world. In fact, their ‘lean manufacturing’ was eventually adopted by most other car producers in the world.

Toyota and other lean-thinking businesses have identified that there are SEVEN types of waste in any business.  And who better than your own team members working at the ‘coal-face’ to understand the way the different processes within your business work.

It may feel that right now (with possibly some of your team working from home), it’s harder to have productive team meetings, but if you schedule a ‘video’ call with your team to focus on reducing the waste in your business, you might get responses that you never expected.

You may find that reducing waste in your business processes is a subject that really engages your team, they’ll certainly all have their own ideas on how things could be done better!  So why not harness that engagement and ask for their valuable input.

By making your team central to this lean thinking you’ll bring them closer to the decisions you make to reduce waste and costs, to increase efficiencies and security during this unprecedented time of turmoil.

Lean thinking has secured the future of many businesses; secure the future of yours too and better manage the 7 types of waste in your business.

Click here to learn what the 7 types of waste are and have a brighter future when you take a closer look at how to implement lean thinking in your business.

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